Thru The Fire

Founder | Senior Instructor

John has trained, and is currently training, with some of the world’s
leading experts in martial arts, self defense, safety, and combatives.

Drawing from over 30 yrs of real world & teaching experience, John is able to quickly and effectively transfer critical skills for self-protection to his students. He uses some of the same technical and tactical training methods used around the world by top operators who need results.  Using these methods, John brings state of the art training to the general public.

He currently has students in and travels to teach in Africa, Asia, Europe, and across North America. He has experience working with various local and national law enforcement agencies in the US, Canada, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and other countries.

From working with airline personnel to Sr. level crisis management teams, John has also worked with various blue chip corporations as a seminar lecturer on travel safety, personal protection, and stress management.