While I have had many influences in my journey, there are a few who top the list in my martial arts exposure and education.  These men all played, and continue to play, significant roles in my development, philosophy, and understanding of the arts of war and peace.  
My sincerest gratitude to each of them. 


Marcus Wynne

The Jedi:  Marcus is a man of many talents and much experience.  Those who have had the honor of sitting under his tutelage are greatly blessed.  Thank you, Marcus.  You helped upgrade and properly orientate the software so that the hardware would work.  For the knowledge, experience, and exposure, I'll be ever grateful.

Paul Vunak

The Evil Genius: Sifu Paul is always able to help "move the glass ceiling" up.  His ability to see and diagnose problems of movement and tactics is legendary.  Thank you for teaching me how to create "prescriptions" to help myself and others grow, and for helping me to put a finger on "it".  So many questions were answered training in your garage.  Thank you.


Rick Faye

The Magician:  To watch Sifu Rick move and teach is truly to watch a magician practice his craft.  His skill in teaching and doing are on a level few could ever hope to achieve.  Thank you for inspiring me to "mirror" you.  Your teaching, inspiration, and example have been a HUGE influence in my life.  You taught me to use the arts to help others become better people...this became my whole purpose in training.  Thank you.

Dan Inosanto

The Patriarch:  Guro Inosanto is widely regarded as the greatest martial artist of our time.  His teaching, wisdom, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and example have inspired and awed martial artists for decades.  He is a living legend and a treasure to our community.  Thank you for all you have done, Guro.  You've allowed us to stand on the shoulders of a giant.