What is Thru The Fire (TTF)?  We are a training organization which specializes in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts (JKD) and Filipino martial arts (Kali or FMA) as taught through the lineage of Guro Dan Inosanto.   We also endeavor to study with instructors in other arts and introduce material from these lineages as well. 

Put simply, TTF is a place where like-minded people are welcome to grow, to develop, and enter into a healthy martial cooperative.  As the founder of TTF, my desire is to see a group of dedicated and talented practitioners and instructors teaching, training and learning together in community, and for this group to promote standardization and excellence in the art of JKD/Kali and other arts.  This group over time will be a knowledge pool which nourishes itself, expands itself, works together, and thereby influences others around it.    

In Training

In training it is important that we go Thru The Fire.  Training should make us stronger.  Training should instill attributes and techniques which can withstand pressure.  In a controlled training environment stress and pressure can be safely and systematically applied.  This experience and method of training will give us a different level of skill which is more capable of supporting us when we are tested in real life.

In Combat

In combat we never want to stand in "the line of fire".  We either want to get away from the fire (attack) to let it burn itself out, or we want to get Thru The Fire so that we can smother it without giving it a chance to burn us.  In a conflict situation, understanding how to tactically apply technical skill is a vitally important factor in surviving a real life hostile encounter.

In Life

In life we all go through hard times.  Situations and circumstances can change quickly and we can find ourselves going Thru The Fire.  When this experience happens, you have a choice to make.  Either you can become stronger and "purified" by the heat or you can become consumed and bitter by the experience.  Your attitude towards the trial will be the determining factor.

“THRU THE FIRE is my unique expression of what I have learned and am continually learning from my instructors, students and friends. My sincere gratitude to them all. Without each one the journey would not be nearly as complete or rewarding. It is my privilege to walk with them.”
— John Koeshall