Do you want to train with TTF?  Now you can be a private student of mine right from the comfort of your own home.  Allow me to provide the information and systems you need to learn and grow in these arts.  Join us and you are joining a group of like-minded individuals who value training and camaraderie.  TTF is like a family...we know that helping each other grow helps us grow ourselves. 

Below are some of the options you can choose.  Don't wait, join us today!

Member Training:  Member training takes place through a hidden Facebook group called "TTF Garage Sessions w/John".   This group is specifically for people who want to train and learn about JKD/Kali (and other martial arts).  This group will operate similar to how I teach people who want to come train privately with me at my home.  I will teach various martial arts techniques, progressions, training methods, combatives and self-defense techniques, and other things.  This group will function exactly like I teach students privately and will contain many things that are not even touched on in the IDP (see below).  I will be posting instructional videos and also have a live Q & A session each month with members to make sure you're getting all you can out of the information I'm providing.  

As a member of this group, you will also have access to an ever growing library of technique training videos.  This library of videos is growing weekly and will be an unbelievable resource for you to go back to over and over again.  

Instructor Development Program (IDP):  The IDP happens through a combination of a curriculum (provided in written and video format) and a hidden Facebook group called "TTF Studio Sessions w/John".  In this group I will add supplemental training videos a few times per month going deeper into the curriculum subjects.  Each month we have a scheduled live video conference where members can ask me questions they may be having so that I can address specific questions.  This group will ensure an incredible way for me to have more connection with each participant in between training times together.

As a new member of the TTF IDP programyou will automatically be added to the Member Training Facebook group as well (TTF Garage Sessions).  You will also have access to the ever expanding technique video library which will give you even more material and resources.  

In areas where IDP members are close enough to meet, as a member of this program you will have the ability to meet and train with others under the leadership of the senior instructor in your area.

New IDP applicants must meet minimum training requirements to join.  In some cases these requirements can be fulfilled by attending an Intensive Personal Training Program (see below). 

Intensive Personal Training Program (IPTP):  IPTPs are a fantastic way to super-charge your training.  These 2 - 4 day intensive training times can happen either here in beautiful Southern California or you can have me come to your location.  IPTPs are small focused groups of between 2-10 participants which allow us to cover a lot of ground and really raise your game significantly.  Training can focus on many different subjects to fit your goals.  I have blocked out some dates to save them for IPTPs, and I will be posting available times.

If you want to get good (or better) fast...invest in an IPTP.  You won't regret it.

(note: Applicants to the Instructor Development Program must complete an IPTP to be eligible.) 

Training Camps:  Our annual training camps are where the TTF family gets to spend time together training and enjoying the camaraderie we foster within TTF.  Currently we have 2 annual camps which take place in beautiful Southern California, USA (in April and October).  At the camps you will be able to work with myself and the senior instructors of the organization.  We take time to help you develop your skills, work with you on areas which can be improved, and test you for promotion if you're due.

Not only will you be able to train with many other TTF members during the general sessions, but you will also be able to schedule private training with instructors who are present.  Within TTF we have experts in many disciplines, and we also have guest instructors from outside TTF join us for special training sessions.  Of course, since we train in the Beach Cities of Orange County, we always make time to enjoy the beautiful area we are in during off times.  We have a great time!